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Scout Bare PCB

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  • Scout Bare PCB
  • Scout Bare PCB
  • Scout Bare PCB

This is the PCB for the Scout Synth.

By default, it is only the PCB and has no electronics or other components that would otherwise be included with the full Scout Synth DIY Electronics Kit.

This is for advanced users comfortable with electronics, soldering, and sourcing BOMs!

Most of the components are "jelly bean". The exceptions are the specifically sized SPST tactile switches (the buttons under the keys), speaker, and battery contacts. Because they can be annoying to manually source, there's an also an option to include those items with the PCB.

Version: A

Read more about the Scout here.

Online assembly guide:
(To save cost, trees, and frustration from outdated information, printed instructions are not included. The online guide will always be up to date!)
STLs for 3D-printing: